Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Images by Toria Brightside

Sweater- Batoko*
Trousers- Front Row Shop*
Shoes- DKNY

The blog has had to take a bit of a back seat lately as I’ve been spending the past few weeks decorating and cleaning my flat ready to put it up for sale. I’ve actually managed to sell it already because someone posted a letter through the door looking to buy a flat in my block so it’s all happened really quickly. So I will soon be back to regular blogging. 

Yayyy for it now being summer and acceptable to wear white trousers. Bring on the garden parties, BBQs and beer gardens!

I'm absolutely in love with these DKNY shoes I waited a few months to buy them and by that time they had already sold out on Asos but luckily I managed to find them on another website. I've pretty much worn them everyday since! I think I'm falling in love with multicoloured trainers. I desperately want the Adidas super colours in pretty much every colour available. I think by the time I actually decide what colour I do want they'll probably be sold out.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dream but do not sleep

Images by Toria Brightside
Shorts- Missguided*
Shoes- Caterpillar
Necklace- River Island
Hat- Asos

This is a continuation of my current love of primary colours. I feel like my style is ever moving away from the colour black. These shorts are definitely going to be a summer staple in my wardrobe. The sweater is from a Uk street wear brand called Dream but do not sleep who've just celebrated their third birthday.

These images were shot a few weeks back on a rare sunny day in March. Proof that summer is well on the way. I've even been designing Ibiza graphics today in work which is making me hanker after the sun even more. I can't wait to book a holiday. We these shot in Platfields park near the half pipe which was incredibly entertaining, having 13 year old boys cat calling me! Someone's skateboard also rolled towards me which I promptly picked up and ran off with much his annoyance. 

I'm very excited for the bank holiday weekend. I hope everybody has lovely things planned. Let's all pray for some sun!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Summer Looks for less with Motel Rocks

I always love a good Motel sale. I always manage to pick up a few bargains. Here's my top sale picks from the sale commencing Monday the 22nd of March. Shop the rest of the sale here.

I've had such a fun weekend. I was supose to be re-painting my flat but got a bit distracted with playing the sun. Bring on the summer! 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Masculine Tailoring

T-shirt- Adidas
Trousers- Cow Vintage
Jacket- Topshop
Shoes- ASOS

I've been wearing this jacket a lot recently it's a really versatile. Normally light coloured jackets don't really suit me but some how the black check makes this one work especially as I have a lot of black clothes. It's a shame it's not a little bit thicker because it's too thin to be worn alone. It must have been poplar for Topshop because despite being a little over priced for what it is, it's sold out already. 

I got these trousers from Cow vintage. I bought them a few weeks ago when I had a massive vintage spurge. Sadly they are a very itch material so I haven't worn them much. I think the grey scale look works really well with my bright hair. The last of the blue is washing out now so it's almost green again. I'm thinking of dying back to blue though, as I was enjoying the change. 

We're in this really awkward in-between weather at the moment between Winter and Spring where you never know if you'll step outside into the sun or cold. Yesterday afternoon I was shivering at my desk and today I've got loads of layers on and it's baking.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

LFW Day 2

Skirt- Topshop
Shoes- Adidas
Jacket- Yayer*

I haven't really had the right head space for blogging the past few weeks but better late that never! This is my second outfit from London fashion week. I have been completely obsessed with this top ever since I first saw it.  It's not an easy one to style. It's also a bit of an awkward to wear because it's a crop top but also quite a warm jumper. 

I borrowed my friend Charlottes shoes. We have a mutal Adidas obbsession so we swapped shoes for the day. Although they were a size small so my feet were a bit sore by the end of the day.