Thursday, 20 November 2014

Outsiders Apparel

Images by Anthony Kaye

Hat- Horsebird
Shoes- ASOS

Here's a new street wear brand to check out- Outsiders Apparel. They have a strong range of mens and ladies graphic t-shirts, hoodies and hats. Lots of monochrome for the Winter!

I've worn these pants before on the blog but I think they really suit this street inspired look.

I feel like I could really do with some more snapbacks in my collection. any brands which would like me to feature one on the blog please get in touch.

My green hair is really looking faded at the moment as I had to let it was out for a hair modeling job on Sunday. Shall I keep like like this for a bit longer or dye it asap?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Yes Yellow

Shoes- ASOS

If you're wondering why I look a little bit strange it's probably because I'm wearing gold lipstick. Although I wasn't to sure about how it came out in the pictures I actually like the change from the strong colours I normally wear. With the shimmer in real life it looks a lot less nude. 

I'm really beginning to despair about the pant-top ratio in my wardrobe so this batwing tee was a welcome addition. I seem to have a thing for buying trousers at the moment and I have barely bought a single top in recent months! I particularly come unstuck when I'm dressing for work and realize all my favorite tops are cropped. With the cold weather slowly drawing in I think now is probably the time to start buying woolly jumpers and ponchos which, incase you haven't guessed are not my favorite thing to buy.

River Island is quickly becoming one of my favorite shops. I've resisted buying a parka with a neon yellow fur trim but really I'm just praying it hits the sale.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


On Wednesday I went to the Motel rocks party at Far rock away in Shoreditch. It was the perfect venue for a really cool party. I met so many lovely ladies who's blogs I enjoy reading. Drank lots of wine, ate lots of pizza and danced to some amazing DJ sets. There was a great vibe and the room was filled with so much awesome style. Motel Rocks certainly know how to throw a party and I've got my eye on so many party outfits from the new autumn/winter range. I took the afternoon off work and got the last train back to Manchester which got me home at 2am. I then had to get up at 6am to get to work the next day with a seriously major hangover. This is the unfortunate reality of trying to do fun things whilst also having a 9-5 job! I managed to brave through the day and it was so worth it! Images by 
This is what I wore....

Crop Top- River Island
Gold Pants- River Island

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Smart Black Shorts

Images by Anthony Kaye

Jacket- Urban Outfitters
T-shirt- Denim & Supply 
Shorts- Wear All*
Shoes- Doc Martens

I've made a note recently to add more basics to my wardrobe. I love buying statement pieces but often find it difficult to put things together for this reason. A pair of black smart shorts are really a must for me right now. This pair from Wear All are really comfy and just go with so many things. I'm really coming round to dressing a bit more smartly.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


 Images by Richard Ayres

Gold Bralet- Motel Rocks
Chain harness- Ebay
Pants- Loaned by Jessie

This was my outfit for Illuminaughty last weekend. Illuminaughty is a dance event that takes place at the Manchester Academy across all three floors. My friends and I went to celebrate Halloween and had an absolute blast. Large sections of the night are missing from my memory and I'm fairly certain I spent most of the night having in-depth conversations with people in the smoking area. I lost my purse at one point however my friends managed to find it for me after it was handed in. All in all we had a pretty crazy night.

I spend quite a lot of weeks putting together the various bits of my outfit. Most of it came via Ebay. I was particularly pleased with the chain harness and I'm looking forward to finding other ways to wear it. My outfit was loosely based on the Hindu Deity Lakshmi although really I just wanted to wear something that involved a large headpiece and lots of gold.

I really enjoyed having gold glittery eyes I might do this for going out more often. Although three days later and I'm still finding gold glitter in my bed!